BitFury Announces ‘Record’ Immersion Cooling Project

Bitcoin’s biggest miner, BitFury, says it is launching the world’s largest two-phase immersion cooling project.

Source: BitFury Announces ‘Record’ Immersion Cooling Project

Very exciting news out of CoinDesk. Immersion Cooling seems to be a reality for BitFury. For those excited about technological advancements, the ability to utilize most of the energy spent is a great thing. For those mining at home or with a small operation… it is harder by the day to compete against these huge companies investing in top of the line technology to optimize costs and deliver superior earnings per Watt. Needless to say it is pretty cool to see the advances Bitcoin is brining about in computing as well as how these companies are starting to look for greener alternatives in a push to minimize the footprint Bitcoin mining has on the planet.


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