AntMiner S7: $100 off coupons!

AntMiner S7: $100 off coupons!

There is renewed interest in bitcoin mining and Bitmain is on it. We have been invested in mining bitcoins for over a year now and Bitmain’s AntMiner’s have been our choice of hardware. However, difficulty has skyrocketed (over 100%) in less than a year, rendering our predictions of ROI pretty inaccurate. Bitmain’s sales of AntMiner’s S7s seemed to have taken a hit after being sold out months in advance last year (now you could get one without having to wait)… but that seems to be changing. Bitmain has picked up steam once again and this machines are running out fast. Now, we are also receiving some coupons to purchase some of these miners. Unfortunately before the announcement we had already committed our funds to get some GPUs so we have spent our savings. What this means for all of you is we are giving away our 24 $100 coupons!! 

So don’t wait anymore and go get this awesome machines while you can! Just send us a comment with your information and we’ll give away our coupons (first come, first server). We won’t give away more than 5 to the same person unless no one else is interested, so hurry up and get them while you can.

Below is all the related information including Bitmain’s announcements:

Coupon ID Info Total Count Use Count Validity Time
006201603251528445330Kcrlx8n06D6 S7 Coupon 100 USD 24 0 2016-03-26 02:00:00~2016-05-11 00:00:00

Dear  customers:

As a token of appreciation for being our valued customer, HashNest would like to issue you a special $115 discount coupon towards the purchase of a new Antminer S7. All customers who purchased an S7 in SHOP form 2015-09-09 to 2016-03-24 are eligible for this promotion (S7 purchased from MARKET are beyond the promotion) . One S7 hold can receive one coupon, for customers who hold on1150G S5 hash power are also involved in .

To take advantage of this limited time offer, simply log in to your HashNest account and go to the [coupon ]button left of pages. On this page you can view any coupons that have been added to your account. If you’re eligible for the promotion, the coupon will be automatically deposited — no further action is required to get this offer.

For S5 hashing holders ,you can claim the coupon for purchase S7 instead choose to redeem them. Also , One S5 redemption can convert one S7 coupon.

Coupon redeem period: between April 1, 2016 and the end of S5 redemption.

Coupon Expiry date : It  will last 40days since you get coupon.

The coupon can not transfer,withdraw and transact into others. HashNest reserve the right to explain the terms of the event.

Don’t wait to take advantage of this special deal. Stock is limited and the coupon will expire in a few weeks.

As always, HashNest values your loyalty and we look forward to building lasting relationships with all of our customers. This coupon is one way we can say thank you for making what we do possible.

All the best,

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25 Responses

  1. shane ayers says:

    hello I would love to have 5 coupons if you still have them I have a few miners and am hoping to add 6 more this month

  2. Gonza says:

    Hi, do you have any coupons left? my ID is the same as in this site. Thanks.

  3. Mike says:

    Would love 5 please looking to order later today if possible Thanks same email as i use here

  4. Gonza says:

    Hello, I would like to ask for 4 coupons if you still have them. I’m hoping to get some more miners. Thanks!

  5. abhan says:

    hi i hope can get coupons my mail [email protected]

  6. Ciccio says:

    Hi… I would really appreciate if I could get two of those coupons. Thank you so much

  7. Thank so so much was a big help so much so that if you have any more I would love to have them. I’m loading up on miners

    • btjohny says:

      The site doesn’t load so I can’t see how many I still have or if they are still valid. As soon as it works and I get a chance I’ll let you know. Good luck!

  8. John Connors says:

    Do you still have coupons left? I plan to purchase 8 S7’s, but will gladly accept whatever you may have.

    • btjohny says:

      The site doesn’t load so I can’t see how many I still have or if they are still valid. As soon as it works and I get a chance I’ll let you know. Good luck!

  9. william lim says:

    Do you still have any coupons left? I plan to get 2 S7’s, but will gladly accept any you may have. Thanks!

  10. S7 & S9 coupons says:

    Helloo Sir,
    How can i get coupons,
    please help me.

  11. David says:

    I Would like 5 coupons if you still have some.

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