AntMiner S7 Batch 2 Delivered

Hi Everyone!

Been very busy with other projects and with the lack of S5+ to go around we really didn’t see much activity on the managed assets front. However, with the release of the S7 and a fresh new chipset we think it is time to launch our offerings seriously. We have purchased our first four AntMiner S7 and they are online hashing as we speak. We didn’t participate on the first batch because the price didn’t make sense with the price of bitcoin at the moment, but now with the raise from the low 200s to 280 as we speak, the cost of the miner starts making more financial sense.

With this addition, we are increasing our hashing rate by 18.64 Th/s which we expect to put out for sale shortly so we can continue to increase our mining capacity with the proceeds. If you are interested, drop us a line. We’ll be sharing our CoinPrism asset information  so you can buy participation in the pool. The limited availability of the S7 and lower power consumption of the 1385 chip makes this a great option when considering cloud mining.

We offer managed hosting for either a part of the device (pooled) or you can own an entire one. We see several advantages when you host with us your miners: Our electricity rate should be lower than the one most households pay and where we plan to host them there is no VAT, so the import costs are relatively small compared to several countries worldwide. We have control over the configuration so we decide where to mine (Currently AntPool pool) but can change as we see fit. Because we host in Iceland this time around, you get certain diversity from miners who are based out of other continents like those located in China, North America, South America or Africa. I also hear mining in Iceland is the ecological choice and everyone is moving there: Renewable energy abounds and it is cold enough you don’t need to pay for cooling in the datacenters.

If you are interested in participating, drop us a line via the comments section with your email address and we will respond with any questions you may have or a payment request to get you started. You will need to setup an account at so we can issue you colored coins and pay as dividends (through the platform) the bitcoins mined.

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