BitCoin US Mine – Hosted Services – Mid August 2015 Update

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to provide our first update / status regarding our mining operations. We currently host our miners in two locations in the North American continent. Over 13 TH/s are currently located in Mine 01 while we have 7.7 TH/s on it’s way to our Mine 02. Mine 01 has a better electric rate but due to issues with the electrical environment we decided to host our new machines elsewhere while we solve this issue and others. Mine 02 is going to host our first AntMiner S5 plus this week. We hope to have it operational by the end of the week. Individuals interested in our hosting services can check our page: BitMain AntMiner S5+ Asset to get more information.

We currently are running our miners on Slush’s pool. We decided on that as during the month of August they are running with a 0% pool fee and they offer merged mining. We really liked GHash due to it’s 0% pool and merged mining but the pool’s luck forced us to AntPool. However, due to the monitoring capabilities of Slush and almost 100% luck we think this is the way to go for now.

We are just starting but we hope to pool individuals to achieve economies of scale as well as to distribute the risks associated with things like equipment failure, etc. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us about it. Hope to have you on-board with us!

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