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Category: BitCoin


AntMiner S7: $100 off coupons!

AntMiner S7: $100 off coupons! There is renewed interest in bitcoin mining and Bitmain is on it. We have been invested in mining bitcoins for over a year now and Bitmain’s AntMiner’s have been...


AntMiner S7 Update

Hi everyone, We have only been able to secure one AntMiner S7 from hashnest (now they are too expensive for my taste) and 4 others in Iceland. These puppies are in hot demand! If...


BitFury Announces ‘Record’ Immersion Cooling Project

Bitcoin’s biggest miner, BitFury, says it is launching the world’s largest two-phase immersion cooling project. Source: BitFury Announces ‘Record’ Immersion Cooling Project Very exciting news out of CoinDesk. Immersion Cooling seems to be a...


Bitcoin mine in Iceland: photos – Business Insider

The harsh conditions can offer a lucrative reward. Source: Bitcoin mine in Iceland: photos – Business Insider Hi everyone! I thought about sharing this article because I found it very interesting seeing what it...


AntMiner S7 Batch 2 Delivered

Hi Everyone! Been very busy with other projects and with the lack of S5+ to go around we really didn’t see much activity on the managed assets front. However, with the release of the...


First AntMiner S5+ Delivered

Hi Everyone! The wait is finally over. We received our first AntMiner S5+ and it went online yesterday at night. It is still being tested and after 72 hours we’ll have a more clear...