Hosted Services – Late October 2015 Update

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while. Just wanted to provide a quick update on how we’re doing:

  • Dash Masternodes payouts: They have finally stabilized after that mad update cycle we had. Every 6 days aproximately we are receiving a payment which is better than every full moon with all those updates. Seems there are new upgrades we still have to apply but payouts are still coming in, so we’ll schedule that for next week.
  • BitCoin mining: We are expanding our mining capacity to include 4 new AntMiner S7. 18.64 Th/s of additional mining capacity profitable even at $80 USD/Btc. Hopefully new members will join so we can go on a buying spree!
  • Public mining address: We thought having a public mining address might help. We have created a new address to receive our mining proceeds and went ahead and put a public label on it so there is no doubt it is ours: You can hop over to to check us out. We use one account for all our assets: S5, S5+ and S7 and will divide the payouts based on the % participation (based on theoretical hashrates.)
  • Trying different pools: We have tried different pools:, AntPool, Slush’s, Kano, BitClubPool, etc. and have decided to stay with Slush’s. Why? Because it provides in our opinion the best features and monitoring. Sure, their 2% fee is on the high end, but we think it is worth it for what you get. During our testing we realized AntPool had too much lag which resulted in hashrate being lost, which is more than the 2% fee we would be paying with Slush. Monitoring and email alerts also allow us to more quickly identify loss of hashing power, so we think at the end we come ahead.
  • Getting ready for our first crowdsale: Thus far all of our managed assets are held privately but we want to open it to the public in general. We hosted the S5 units but found several inconviniences including defective units and high import costs that made it not feasable to scale. The S5+ had only 1 batch and quickly sold out, so we couldn’t scale there either and only got 1 (wish it had been none seeing the S7 was just around the corner). And finally the S7. We are at the beginning of the upgrade cycle to the new chips so it should be a good time to scale thus we are launching our S7 asset. We have purchased 4 in order to kick start this and hope to get the ball rolling soon. Drop us a line in the comment section if you are interested.
  • Below are our current hashing speeds. As I mentioned, we are testing pools so you’ll see our S5, S5+ hashing separate from our S7 hashing. Our plan is to bring over our S7 hashing to Slush next week. - October HashRate - October HashRate - BitClubNetwork

As always, feel free to reach out to us and we hope to have you onboard soon!



We have brought over our 4 S7s to Slush’s pool. As I mentioned earlier, monitoring is very important for us which is why we are willing to part with the 2% pool fee. Below is a screenshot of our combined hashing power now:

2015 - 10 - 29 - Hashing Speed


Captura de pantalla 2015-10-29 a las 8.15.14 p.m.

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