Digital Assets

We are pleased to announce we will begin issuing digital assets to allow people to invest alongside ourselves.

Basically we manage funds investing them in an array of things and we see an opportunity in helping individuals invest in things that otherwise might be difficult for them. We also want to take advantage of economies of scale as we grow.

Currently we are offering the following participation opportunities:

  • BitJohny perpetual IOUs: Basically we want to borrow your money at a fixed rate. We will issue payments each month during the first 5 days of each month. The IOUs are callable at any time by us. We will also honor redemption request on a limited, first come first served basis. We will strive to provide liquidity around 5% of outstanding debt in case someone needs their money.
  • AntMiner S5 Plus: Basically you would be purchasing a participation in a btc mine. Our selling point here is the economies of scale we could achieve with a large pool of participants. We could negotiate lower rates for our electricity and VAT, etc. could make it more attractive than hosting it yourself. Also, we will be using the S5+ which is new and haven’t seen anyone else offer it yet.
  • Dash Masternodes: Allows you to participate in the Dash ecosystem by holding dash while earning a return for holding them in a masternode.

We invest in other areas like trading and investing but we feel it would be easier to do an IOU for the time being before we open other opportunities. All our products will incur in a management fee/carried interest on top of the costs of running them. If you decide to participate you will bear all the risks that could arise. We take precautions but there are things that are either out of our control (pool’s bad luck, acts of war or terror, defective equipment, etc.) or otherwise we were not prepared for (being hacked, disease or illness) that could affect the payouts or value of the holdings. The risk is distributed among all participants of a product which helps diversify the risk. We understand this is not for everyone and you could potentially lose all your money / bitcoins.

Void were prohibited by law. No promises are made or intended. No warranties are being made, either explicitly or implicitly. Be familiar with your local law or regulation as you agree by participating to bear all responsibility and abide by the law.

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