Dash MasterNode Managed Services

As part of our managed services offering, we are pleased to announce the Dash MasterNode Digital Asset:

We offer managed services on behalf of our users. We pool together Dash Coin from different individuals and when 1,000 Dash have been gathered we proceed to set up and manage a Dash MasterNode on their behalf.

The Mechanics:

We will set up it up so every month the earnings are distributed among the members who compromise the 1,000 Dash in the masternode proportional to their contribution. We charge the fees of hosting which range currently around $20 USD a month (depends on network usage which varies) and administrative expenses in form of a % of the payouts being made to us. Currently we see payments every 5 days at around 3 Dash (9 USD). Based on that the Node makes about $54 USD a month so we set up our fee at 50% of payout. So if you have contributed 50% of the funds (500 Dash) it will result on the donation to your address being 25%. We reserve the right to move the % fee up or down depending on market conditions (USD/Dash exchange rate) and monthly revenue generated so that at the very least the hosting fee is covered. So if the exchange rate increases (we receive more USD) or the payout frequency increases (unlikely as more people set up more nodes) the administrative fee as a percentage would decrease, and the opposite is true as well.

The flavors:

  1. If you have 1,000 Dash you can simply pay us upfront every month the hosting and management fee (currently $25 setup, $25 month to month)
  2. You can pool with other individuals 1,000 Dash. From the regular payout generated the current fee (50%) is collected and the rest is distributed proportionally. We take contributions in groups of 50 Dash with 100 Dash as the minimum.

If you wish to get your Dash Coins back you need to wait for another party to be ready to take your place as to not impact the other participants. We will make an effort to facilitate this but the intention of this is for participants to remain in long term. There will be a fee assessed every time a change needs to be made (donation addresses, change of participants, etc.) to lower monthly costs and discourage changes which translate to time and effort.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change without previous notice. We will strive to notify the changes with at least 30 days notice. Void where prohibited by law. Assets are Personal and Untransferable; requests are only honored to the owner of record.We make no guarantees, either explicit or implicit. Subject to risk, you could lose all your principal. We make efforts to protect the assets and follow certain security standards to safeguard the Dash Coins, but take no responsibility. Subject to our General Terms and Conditions.

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